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We are proud to bring you exotic Chinese Cuisine fused with the taste of India! We prepare our food with only the freshest ingredients and finest spices. Hakka Wok's food is rich and spicy. The spice level will set your spicy palate on fire! When we say "It's hot and spicy" we mean it! Our chef invites you to start with our Fiery Lat Jiang Paneer, Spicy Chicken Wings, Popular Manchow Soup, Delicious Chicken Pakoras,  or Hot Garlic Wontons for appetizers. For the main course, try our Signature, Chili Chicken Dry-- this exemplary Indo-Chinese dish is simply the best. Try our Manchurian Fried rice, a very unique dish you won't find at a Chinese restaurant; or the all-time favorite, Bhazzia Manchurian.

Chinese food from India? Definitely! We specialize in Indo-Chinese Cuisine. It is unique Chinese cooking that has evolved from years of living in India by the Hakka Chinese people. In the early 1900s, the Hakka Chinese migrated from Meixian-Guangdong Province, China, to Kolkata, India, to escape opium warfare and other political issues. It is in India that the Hakka Chinese were introduced to the vibrant tastes of traditional Indian cooking. Through the years, the Hakka Chinese have adopted and embraced a love for eating spicy and aromatic foods. The food is a unique blend that brings together the best of Chinese wok style cooking and fragrant Indian ingredients.  Hakka Wok is proud to serve the best in Indo-Chinese cuisine that has, over the years, become synonymous with Hakka cuisine.

Our Executive Chef/owner, Joseph Lee, brings his memories of India to life not only to offer American diners a respite from the modern world, but also to remind him of home. Lee is a second-generation Chinese Indian born in Kolkata, India. He grew up and worked in Kolkata. In his 20s he developed his culinary skill while studying in Australia. Later he moved from Calcutta to Chicago and became a Chef, working in one of Schaumburg most popular restaurant, Hot Wok Village, before opening a restaurant of his own.